Mia Mia Aboriginal Community Development Book

Mia Mia (Home) Aboriginal Community Development text book is an initiative of Koya Aboriginal Corporation and will be published by Cambridge University Press in June 2015.  The book is a collaboration led by Chief Editor, Associate Professor Cheryl Kickett-Tucker (Koya Aboriginal Corporation).  The Editorial Team  includes Associate Professor Dawn Bessarab (University of WA), Dr Michael Wright (Curtin University), Associate Professor Juli Coffin (Telethon Institute for Child Health Research) and Mr Glenn Pearson.

This text opens up new ways for those, who have been disadvantaged and excluded by their Aboriginal birthright, to be empowered and in doing so strengthen their own communities in ways that work. 

The ideals and practices that inform successful Aboriginal-driven community development initiatives will be discussed demonstrating the far-reaching implications of this quiet revolution for the development sector.  The book also examines the issues that need to be addressed in order to increase the effectiveness, sustainability and acceptability of future policies and programs in Aboriginal communities.