Success and Wellbeing 

Our research project Indicators of Success and Wellbeing of Moorditj Urban Aboriginal West Australian sought to understand Aboriginal individuals in our community who are successful in their own right. We sought to understand what success, resilience and well-being mean for urban Aboriginal people. Our research explored the factors and environments that assist in developing and sustaining resilience and wellbeing across a range of ages and a number of achievement domains.

The study is significant because it examined the notion of wellbeing and resilience from a unique perspective of “accomplished” urban Aboriginal people. In this way, we aimed to uncover the aspects, environments and potential “significant others” who contribute to and/or demolish the wellbeing and resilience of Aboriginal people and in doing so, extend the current body of literature. 

The research’s objective was to empower our future generations with opportunities, knowledge, skills, self-esteem and confidence so that they build their capacity to reach opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them. In doing so, we develop, strengthen and sustain Aboriginal children and youths so they can, in turn, strengthen their families and their local communities.