Swan Youth Social Inclusion Project

The Swan Indigenous Youth Social Inclusion Project aimed to deliver reliable, valid and credible preliminary baseline data on what contributes to the social inclusion, community engagement, employment, training and career development of young Aboriginal people between the ages of 15 and 25 in Midland and surrounding suburbs.


The findings of the research were particularly significant for the City of Swan region, as it holds one of the largest populations of Aboriginal people and one of the fastest growing Aboriginal youth populations in Australia. This was the first research of its kind conducted by Aboriginal people with Aboriginal people.  The research team learnt many new strategies and skills to successfully develop the project.

The most important outcome of the research was that if we are to develop and sustain the participation of Aboriginal youth in meaningful opportunities for employment, training careers and leadership, the processes must be culturally secure and adhere to the local Aboriginal communication protocols.  More specifically, the local Aboriginal community must be involved in all decisions at all levels so that they have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcomes.  The process and structures required must:

The research also found that current service models and practices:

The outcome of this research was the development of the Moorditj Koorlong Program details which are on our sister website www.koya.org.au