Pindi Pindi provides a number of services and programs to Aboriginal people. We provide advice to governments and others on the complexities of the local Aboriginal population in the Midland and Greater Swan region and the highly mobile Aboriginal populations from remote and regional areas that access services and family groups in the area.

We achieve this through extensive and robust relationships with government and non-government stakeholders, Aboriginal corporations and kinships within Aboriginal networks. Our services include the provision of skilled workshop and conference facilitators.  Our collective expertise, skill and knowledge base spans education, health, research and justice. We advise and assist organisations and departments to develop, implement, evaluate and maintain service delivery that ensure culturally secure facilities, policies, procedures and strategies.


Research and Evaluation

Our extensive research capability and networks allow us to:

• develop, implement and evaluate research activities to yield invuable sources of data to inform:

- evidence-based policy and program advice and interventions;

- effective strategies that build the capacity of Aboriginal families and communities to engage and participate effectively with the dominant culture;

- effective strategies that build the capacity of non-Aboriginal staff to engage and participate effectively with Aboriginal families and communities; and

• provide advice on ploicies, programs and interventions that is evidence-based, evaluated and supported by action research, infrastructure and resources.

Cultural Security Advice and Training

The link with Koya Aboriginal Corporation allows us to provide cultural security advice and training including:

• advice and articulation of the intergration of cultural secutiry across all areas of community engagement and service delivery;

• linkages to, and strengthening of, networks in the Aboriginal community;

• the establishment and maintenance of and Aboriginal cultural reference group

• the facilitation and evaluation of cultural security training for all staff; and 

• the planning, implementation and evaluation of Aboriginal employment and training strategies.

Community Education and Empowerment

Our links with the Aboriginal communities of Western Australia gives us the ability to:

• provide culturallly secure advice on the development of education materials for the community; and 

• facilitate community education and consultation workshops.

Commissioning Research

Pindi Pindi is currently involved in a number of national and local research projects.  We have an experienced, knowledgeable research team committed to ensuring all research undertaken are relevant and meaningful and translate into action and results. We are able to advise and assist organisations develop, implement, evaluate and maintain culturally secure facilities, polices, procedures and strategies.

For more information on how Pindi Pindi can work collaboratively with your organisation or department, contact our office on (08) 9360 1771 or email