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Building a better tomorrow


Koya Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit organisation owned and operated by local Aboriginal people in the City of Swan in Western Australia. Koya has 15 Aboriginal members between the ages of 15-80 and engages with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members across metropolitan Perth and currently works with communities in the north east and south west corridors.

We are inclusive

to the whole community, no one is left out.

Preserving identity

confirming Aboriginal identity


individuals through research and innovation.


for the community its people.​


Elder Allan Kickett

Founding Chair

Prof Fiona Stanley


Quinton Tucker

Managing Director

Prof Cheryl Kickett-Tucker

Director of Research and Community Development

Tony Maio

Director of Finance

Marie Redman

Executive Officer

Paul Trainer

Chief Technology Officer

Tomzarni Dann

Community Engagement

Jaylon Tucker

Author / Artist

Sarah Tucker


Emma Castle

Community Coordinator​

Tanya Forsyth

Team Leader

Community Benefits

It is Koya’s aim to provide benefits to the local community by:

  • creating a new commercial enterprise in the Swan Valley region of Western Australia;
  • providing a contact point for private sector engagement with Aboriginal business and people;
  • providing skills development and employment opportunities to Aboriginal people;
  • rehabilitating, preserving and showcasing the environment in and around the City of Swan region; and
  • operating as a state-wide central repository of support and learnings of Aboriginal culture, tradition and customs throughout Western Australia.
  • establishing essential health services (such as Eastside Ear Clinic and Aged Care) for Aboriginal community members;
  • establishing core sport and recreational opportunities for children and young people
  • provision of Australia’s only Aboriginal independent research facility, Pindi Pindi Ltd.